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Interstellar FAQs -- Domain Transfers

1. What is a domain transfer?

A domain transfer is the process of changing domain registration from an existing registrar to your new registrar. Your domain name, current name servers, ownership and and all contact information stays the same. You only change the company that communicates with the internet's root name servers on your behalf.

2. How do I transfer my domain?

From our webpage (http://interstellardata.com), click on the "Domain Transfer" link or click here. Enter your domain name information and billing information. We take it from there.

3. What happens next?

We send an email to the administrative contact listed with your current registrar asking for confirmation that the transfer request is legitimate. The contact (which should be you) must verify the request.

4. What if I am not the administrative contact for my domain?

The administrative contact is the person that has the authority to transfer domains. You should login to your current registrar's website and update that information before requesting the transfer. Alternatively, you can ask the administrative contact to verify the request for you.

5. I'm having problems changing the contact information. What now?

Unfortunately, some registrars make it difficult or inconvenient to make simple changes. Contact them directly or notify us at support@InterstellarData.com and we will help you.

6. How much does it cost to transfer a domain name to InterstellarData.com?

There is no extra cost to transfer your domain. We charge $25.00 PER YEAR for the registration.

7. Why should I transfer my domain name to InterstellarData.com?

People switch to us for our no-hassle services and support. We truly value our customers and their data. Relationships with internet companies can be stressful and frustrating. We endeavor to create an environment where the internet runs smoothly and our customers can relax. Our prices are slightly more than bargain-basement (often non-US based) outfits but the quality of our services is priceless.

8. How long does it take to transfer a domain name?

It normally takes 3-7 business days to successfully transfer your domain to our system.

9. Does transferring a domain cause any downtime?

No. Once approved, the physical act of changing your domain's entry on the root servers occurs instantaneously.

10. Under what conditions could my current registrar deny the transfer?

If your domain has expired, your account is less than 60 days old, or the domain is involved in a legal dispute (trademark, bankruptcy, etc.) your current registrar can deny the transfer request.

11. Will I forfeit the time on my current registration?

No. When you transfer, one year will be added to your registration period.

12. What if a domain name is transferred within the 45-calendar day after the renewal date?

It is best to transfer a couple weeks before your domain expires or more than 45 days after renewal. If a domain is transferred within the 45-calendar days after the renewal date, the old registrar may cancel the initial renewal and keep the money. The new registrar will add one year to the domain name’s expiration date.

13. Am I transferring ownership of the domain to InterstellarData.com?

No. When you transfer your domain, the only change to your domain is the registrar. You retain full ownership and administrative control of your domain at all times.

14. What additional services do I receive if I transfer my domain?

The services you will receive are a free mini-website, free URL forwarding, E-mail Forwarding, DNS hosting, and more. Transfers receive the same levels of service that new registrations do.

15. Must I use your services if I transfer my domain name?

No, you may use your current hosting service if you want. You can use none, some or all of our services. The choice is yours.

16. What if I change my mind and I want to transfer my domain from InterstellarData.com?

We will facilitate your move in any way possible. Of course, we continually strive to earn your business and if you have any requests, please tell us.

17. I still have a question.

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